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2; Dope, Oct. 5; Dark Tranquillity, Swallow the Sun, Enforcer, Nov. 15; Leaves Eyes, Omnium Gatherum, Nov. Dear Gabacha: This column has discussed many of the Mexican male's courting rituals, from lecherous whistles to stares that can bore through underwire bras and the ever romantic slap on the ass. But few gestures are more revered among Mexican men than the torta, what you call the Mexican Sandwich. Two hombres grab an unsuspecting mujer preferably a gabacha and proceed to bump and grind her la Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan's "Night at the Roxbury" skit on Saturday Night Live. The Dodgers could exult in both the acquisition of Darvish and the retention of their best prospects. Throughout the process, the Dodgers informed other clubs they would prefer not to part with their top two minor leaguers, triple A pitcher Walker Buehler and triple A outfielder Alex Verdugo. 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